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Roatan Renewables.

Certified Solar Energy Specialist

Roatan Renewable Energy is a subsidiary of Vegas Electric, Dixon Cove, Roatan that specializes in providing Renewable Energy (RE) for your home or business. Charles George (Vegas) is the only Certified Solar PV Installer in Roatan, Honduras and has been designing and installing Renewable Energy systems on Roatan and throughout Honduras and Latin America for 15 years.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Roatan Renewable Energy designs will address roof slant, overhanging trees blocking sunlight, or low wind as well as your budget constraints.

Roatan Renewable Energy will individually design the right system for you to be the most effective, economical and expandable. We apply the principles of conservation, efficiency, location, energy needs as well as your budget constraints.

Specific designs can be expandable over years or fully installed initially. A list of possible selections that can be modified to fit your budget include, but are not limited to:

  • Start small with 1 Inverter and 4 batteries that will work as a backup power source, instead of a generator, to power minimal appliances during outages.

  • A larger system with 2 inverters and more batteries to power the entire home using the electric company to provide the power source. This system provides complete protection from power surges and is a whole house backup system.

  • Add on the Solar Panels or Wind Turbine to the second choice to create your own total power generation or supplement the power from the electric company. Grow the system by adding 2 solar panels at a time.

Renewable Energy from the wind, and sun means less pollution produced, lower or non-existent utility bills and a significant reduction in your reliance on imported fuels. Contact Us to set up an appointment to discuss your alternative power source.


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