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Solar Power

Let the power of the sun work for you, it could be the brightest idea you've ever had!

Residential solar-electric systems whether totally off-grid or grid-tied (connected to the electric company) generate clean, sustainable electricity. On Roatan currently we can do the grid-intertied with battery backup, and off-grid (stand-alone) as RECO is not currently able to feed back into the system.

Solar Panels have no moving parts. A maintenance wash of the panels from the salt air every so often, and filling batteries with distilled water once a month.

We use leading providers that have proven to withstand the difficult conditions of Roatan. Kyocera Solar panels, Xantrex inverters, Outback DC breakers, marine grade mounting racks with stainless steel fasteners. Connections are made with Marine grade wiring and copper conductors with soldered terminations to provide gounding and bonding.

Roatan Renewable Energy assembles, connects, and load tests all components at Vegas Electric shop before bringing the units to the job site.

Here are pictures of the common equipment used in solar-electric systems:





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