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Wind Power

Roatan Renewable Energy can design a wind-electric system in certain locations that have adequate winds. Wind systems require more maintenance and need more attention than solar-electric systems. Investing up front in good equipment, design, and installation, wind-electric systems can make economic and environmental sense.

Optimal, consistent wind resources are not located near buildings or among the trees. Tapping wind energy involves tall towers, at least 30 feet above all nearby obstructions. Wind turbines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with many different specifications.

A wind generator's rotating blades convert the wind's kinetic energy into rotational momentum in a shaft. The rotating shaft turns an alternator, which makes electricity. This electricity is transmitted through wiring down the tower to its end use.

Roatan Renewable Energy will design and order the correct wind turbine for your location. We have researched durability, voltage production, warranty, and track record of wind turbines and will design the correct system for your property. Remember that a wind turbine will not get you any wind-generated electricity. Most of the components of a solar system will be required as well.

Roatan Renewable Energy assembles, connects, and load tests all components at Vegas Electric shop before bringing the units to the job site.



Here are pictures of the common equipment used in wind-electric systems:




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